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HTA's Fight Against Canine Cancer

In honor of Pan

Turkey tails mushrooms are a medicinal mushroom containing a number of protein-bound polysaccharides that have shown strong potential in the treatment of cancer. My dog Pan was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. We did the surgeries but the margins are dirty and they were unable to get all of it. That's when we started chemo. Unfortunately the chemo was brutal on him and his kidney's started shutting down. He let us know it was time to stop the chemo, and we listened to him. We've had him on Turkey Tail mushrooms and they've helped keep the cancer at bay since stopping the chemo. I believe in the power of the natural world, & wholeheartedly support using turkey tail to slow cancer growth. Happy Thoughts has partnered with Modern Herb to offer Oriveda PSP-50, which is the most potent turkey tail Polysaccharopeptide extract commercially available.

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